About Us

Multi Test Lab is one of the oldest labs in Multan. We have been serving in Multan since 1987 under the guidance of Prof (R) Dr. Ahmad Samad, Ex Head of Department of Pathology, Nishtar Medical College, Multan. He is assisted by Dr. Afra Samad, Professor Department of Pathology, Multan Medical and Dental College, Multan. We consider medicine to be noble profession and henceforth we always strive to deliver best quality services at afforable prices.

We provide following services:
  1. Hematology
    • CBC, ESR, Platelet count, Blood Indices
  2. Caogulation Studies
  3. Blood Grouping and Cross Matching
  4. Clinical Chemistry
  5. Hormone Assays
  6. Tumor Markers
  7. Medical Microscopy
    • Urine Examination, Fecal (stool) Examination, Semen Analysis, CSF, Ascitic, Pleural, Pericardial and Synovial Fluid Examination
  8. Serology
    • Pregnancy Test, VDRL, ASO Titre, RA Factor, Widal Test, Typhidot, C- Reactive Protein
  9. Medical Bacteriology
    • Gram Staining, ZN Staining, Fungal Staining, Culture and Sensitivity
  10. Viral Markers
    • Screening Test by Devices or ELISA
  11. Molecular Assays
    • HCV Load (PCR), HBV Load (PCR), MTB (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Detection)
  12. Histopathology
  13. Cytology
  14. FNA
For details of charges of each test please see our rate list.

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